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Top: Passion fruit, bergamot
Heart: Peony, rose, tuberose
Base: Cedar wood, white musk
Olfactory family: Fruity floral
The essence of summer. The sensuous sweetness just-ripe passion fruit, delicately cocooned in a bouquet of fresh flowers.
1. Place the sticks that came with your aroma reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil.

2. Flip the sticks so that the dry side of the sticks is now immersed in the bottle while the wet side is in the air.

3. Your aroma diffuser will naturally spread the fragrance into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious atmosphere.

If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. Please remember to always flip diffuser reed sticks over a paper towel and to wipe the bottle, so no oil drips onto your table/surface.

100 ml
9 Diffuser sticks

Alcohol free

Our aroma diffuser oil is alcohol free. While some brands dilute their blend with alcohol to make it cheaper and evaporate quicker, we maintain our quality commitments to ensure you get the purity you deserve.

Art of Perfumery

Our perfumers have been blending fragrances for 65 years spanning 4 generations of master craftsmen. Having inherited the art of traditional attar manufacturing from their forefathers, today they successfully blend natural attars into modern hand crafted fragrances.