Cassiopeia Nude Towel Set

Cassiopeia Nude Towel Set

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Classic white, voluminous, fluffy and soft. The towels are made entirely from long and absorbent Egyptian cotton. Inspired from Greek lore, our Cassiopeia towel set features a gorgeous embroidery design in timeless and elegant nude color.
100% Egyptian cotton

Bath towel - 610 gsm
Hand towel - 560 gsm
Washcloth - 580 gsm

Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of harmful chemicals

Machine wash in cool water using mild detergent and tumble dry on low.

2 Bath towels – L:140 cm x W:70 cm
| L:27.5" x W:55"
2 Hand towels - L:80 cm x W:40 cm
| L:31.5" x W:15.5"
4 Washcloths - L:32 cm x W:32 cm
| L:12.5" x W: 12.5"

Egyptian cotton

Generally considered the highest-quality cotton because of its extra-long fibers and high-absorbency, Egyptian cotton is typically the top choice for luxury hotels and spas. It tops the list for absorbency and luxurious feel, and the long/dense fibers give Egyptian-cotton towels a very long life when well cared-for.


Twist – With this method, the fibers are twisted together at different rates to achieve different results. yarn is low-twisted to give a smoother and softer feel which perfectly compliments the our longer-fiber Egyptian Cotton.