Towels are an essential part of every home’s linen collection. No bath routine is complete without the use of towels and every person wants to use only the best quality towels. However, every individual has their own set of prerequisites and preferences when it comes to buying and using towels. Depending on how you want your towels, here is a guide to help you choose the best variant for your next online shopping foray for towels:

1.If you want towels that are super-absorbent, buy Egyptian or Pima cotton towels online from a leading furnishings and linen brand. Owing to the extra long staples of these variants of cotton, towels made from these soak up water extremely fast. Also, Egyptian and Pima cotton towels are luxurious and soft too, bringing added advantages to users. Look for towels that have been made from two-ply yarn for extra absorbency.

2.Some of us want towels that dry up extra fast post usage. In such a case one must choose towels that are made with man-made materials. However, the disadvantage of buying such microfiber bath towels online is that they are not very plush. Instead, one can opt for cotton towels that are labelled ‘quick-dry’ as these are specially designed to dry much faster than ordinary towels.

3.For those who want durable and long-lasting towels, Egyptian, Turkish or Pima cotton towels are the best options. Since these kinds of cotton have extra-long staple fibres, there is less wear and tear in the yarn which enhances the longevity of the towels made from them.

4.If you are one of those who want to use towels that are easy on the environment, there is an abundance of towels made from organic cotton that has been cultivated using natural methods. Organic cotton must be certified through third-party certifications, so if you are exploring organic cotton towels, look for labels with the appropriate certifications.

5.If you have no other preference other than extremely pretty and fluffy towels, opt for Egyptian or Pima cotton towels. Towels made from Turkish towel are also very cushy.

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