When it comes to the bedroom, while the comfort quotient of the bedding is extremely important for ensuring a good night’s sleep. But equally important is the styling of the bed. Nowadays, shoppers, when shopping for bed linen, are looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort. If you are looking for some ideas to inspire you when you set out shopping for bedding from your favourite online stores, here are a few points we have collated for you from our experts: - Shopping for the right quality of items is important for styling to ensure maximum comfort when sleeping. Whether you are buying Double Bed Sheets Online or pillows and duvet covers, look for products that bring the best quality. Bedding made from Egyptian cotton or Pima and Supima cotton are extremely soft, durable and comforting. Satin and linen are great choices too. Look for the thread count and the weave as well when buying. - Choose a theme when you set out to buy bed sheets online and bed linen for your home. Decide on the ambience you want to create in the room and work accordingly. Some of the most popular themes for the bedroom are romantic, exotic, country style and masculine or feminine themes. Apart from the classics you can also opt for the trending themes like Boho, Shabby Chic and Scandi which can be used for inspiring bed styling too. - No matter what the detailing, nothing works better than accessories for the bed when it comes to enhancing the styling. When you Buy Bedsheets Online in a plain solid colour, accessorize with patterned pillows and throw cushions. A patterned duvet cover in bright colours too will draw focus and add to the drama. Pair them with a solid coloured bed sheet set to enhance the look. - Layer the bedding if you want to bring together style and comfort for your bed. Especially if you want to mix and match colours and patterns, layering is the best trick to help you tie the look together with great flair. You can also use pattern on pattern and eclectic colour mixes according to your preferences with layered items. For the finest luxury soft furnishings for your home, get shopping at the exclusive online store of Siddharth by MKC, the designer label that brings pristine quality luxury furnishings at ethical prices. Shop from an exclusive curated range of bed linen, bath sets and home fragrances.