Towels are essential to every person’s bath routine. And most people want to spare no expenses when it comes to buying towels so they can indulge themselves in fluffy softness of the best quality towels while enjoying the advantages of superior quality. However, it doesn’t matter if you have purchased the most expensive or the most luxurious towels if you don’t care well for them. Treat them right, and towels will last you a long time. Here is a practical guide for maintaining luxury towels: - When it comes to washing pristine white towels, adding baking soda during the wash cycle helps in retaining their whiteness. Vinegar is great for removing smells and stains without damaging the fibres of the towels. But never use these two ingredients in the same wash. - If you are planning to buy Bath Towels Online, make sure to buy two sets of towels per person in your house while also purchasing a few extra for guests. This ensures that when you give towels their due care at periodic intervals without hurrying the process and wearing out towels faster. - Line drying is the best treatment you could give to your towels. Not only is line drying more energy efficient and a green, cheaper method of drying, but it also helps to fold towels better. - For softer, fluffier towels, add white vinegar in the last rinse. - If you are looking for a more absorbent towel set online, look for bamboo towels. These are a popular eco friendly towelling option and the fibres of the material are also highly absorbent as compared to cotton towels. - Washing towels regularly is extremely important. For people who have greater exposure to dirt, it might be a better idea to wash towels every day, but washing them once a week is mandatory. Regular washing also helps in breaking in new towels. - Never store damp towels. This makes them susceptible to bacteria which is why it is better to air them out daily and store them outdoors. Shop for the finest collection of Bath Towels Online in India from Siddharth by MKC, the designer label of the Monika Kamal Collection. Made from the highest quality pure Egyptian cotton, Siddharth by MKC’s towels are highly absorbent, voluminous, soft and fluffy to envelop you in luxury after your bath. Choose from the delicately embroidered towel sets from Siddharth by MKC’s retail stores and bring true luxury to your home.