When it comes to making the bed, comfort is a paramount consideration, but so is style. For those of us who can’t get enough of indulgent luxury in our bedrooms, the latest styling trends are huge sources of inspiration. So we decided to make things easier for you and collated a set of top trending style tips from interior stylists to help you style your bed with flair: - If you have a set of printed pillow cases, pair them with Cotton Bed Sheets and a coverlet in solid shades that are borrowed from the print on the pillow cases. You could use two or even three solid colours in contrast from the colours on the cases. This will keep the look tied down together despite different coloured elements. - If you bought double bed sheets online in an all white scheme and want to create a classic yet downplayed look, opt for stripes. Darker neutrals like brown or gray striped with white will amp up the look subtly. - Want all white bedding with the bare minimum hints of colour? Opt for bed sheets and coverlets with delicate embroidery in a bright pop colour that will bring an unexpected burst of colour to the monochromatic scheme. - To create visual interest with an all-white bedding, Buy Bed Sheets Online in a playful pattern or a bright colour and play peek-a-boo by exposing a few inches from under the coverlet. - Another way to liven up an all-white bedding scheme is to use an accent like a set of pillows with colourful shams or a patterned coverlet. - Got too many colours in the bedding? Tone down the look with plain white bed sheets and pillow cases. - Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns in the bedding. Just make sure to keep a common colour for the patterns which will keep the look from becoming chaotic. For the finest luxury home furnishings at affordable ethical prices, get shopping on the website of Siddharth by MKC, the designer label of the Monika Kamal Collection. Siddharth by MKC will redefine your experience of shopping for luxury with their high quality range of luxury bedding, bath sets and home fragrances that have been designed and manufactured to bring the utmost comfort for buyers while retaining affordability with ethical pricing. So shop away and indulge in lavish comfort with Siddharth by MKC.