Our Story

Siddharth by MKC is a commercial, aesthetic and cultural venture

Siddharth by MKC takes off from the two decades of inspiring home furnishings and accumulated loyalty. The design ingenuity and meticulous client service from The MKC have translated to modern products in classic designs for the conscious consumer. We've taken great care to think of the little things that make your experience better and some bigger questions that set us apart.

Why is there a dearth of suave home furnishings that emphasize quality?

Armed with over 20 years of experience in luxury interiors, we set out to innovate home furnishings that whisper understated elegance. We believe in smartly designed products that are stripped down from frivolous decoration. Our research took us to multiple continents and introduced us to experts from all walks of life. Most of the partners we work with are family businesses that take great pride in their tradition, craft, and reputation. You can be sure that nothing short of the finest cotton is used for your linen and the fragrances bring nature to your home.

Join our community of responsible and thoughtful consumers and sleep better knowing that you are part of a positive change.

Why should these products necessitate such high premiums that they become inaccessible?

Beautiful things are meant to be experienced and thus, we next sought honest pricing whilst maintaining our quality commitments and fair trade. Luxury shouldn't be a distant dream and so we take advantage of technology, to remove unnecessary steps in getting the products to you. Everything is directly shipped to our studio from where we dispatch Siddharth by MKC products to you. We also stay clear of costly channels that require wholesale, name licensing and expensive transportation. Our model is built to turn your house into a home as efficiently as possible.

How can we form a business that is socially responsible and self-sufficient?

While we are committed to making a difference in your home, we are just as passionate about giving back to our community. To realize this principle, a portion of profits from each sale contributes towards funding education and healthcare amongst the underprivileged through the Siddharth Kamal Foundation.